we always strive to arrive on time, however occassionally jobs may be shorter or longer than expected. When this occurs we will be in touch to let you know and always keep you in the loop.

No, using WD40 may provide a short-term fix, but it won’t fix the main problem and might even cause more damage. WD40 and other similar products are oily and only mix with dirt and dust, creating bigger problems.


For your door repair, we take off the door’s old wheels and fit new rollers. Often, we then need to do some kind of repair on the track, if you just replace the wheels the track will degrade the rollers in a matter of weeks, leaving you with more problems.

The balance of the door is also critical to ensure a tight seal, the door needs to align with your locks to ensure the catch works.

It may not sound complicated, but it makes a huge difference to the quality and lifespan of your door.

It’s important to note that glass is always fluid. Sometimes glass can crack or explode due to age or hairline cracks, heat and cold expansion.

We do insure against glass breakage that we have done. In some instance we can break glass through incorrect handling. If this is the case, we are open and honest in reagrd to (self) insuring against broken glass and manage the glass breakage by following these steps

1. Taping the broken glass and make it safe.

2. Make the area secure as possible

3. Call the glass company and asisst with the replacement glass to be done as efficiently as possible.

We take care and are happy to assist in any other clean up or any other assistance that is required.

We beleive that mistakes do happen and it is the measure of the company to make it right when things go wrong as well as when things go right.

We are fully backed with public liability and indemnity insurance and offer a free call-out fee on all jobs.

Yes! Part of our promise to you is that there is no trace of mess once we finish the job. We are efficient and tidy when we work, leaving you to enjoy your newly-repaired doors once we’re done.

One Touch Glide Technology is a proven formula that is based on our learning experience applied to repairing your door and adding nothing but the latest equipment that goes into your door. If, at the end of your repair your door does not glide with one touch then the job is done free.

This is our 100% risk free offer during the repair followed up by our 5 year warranty Please note: This is for a standard size aluminium sliding door. Large doors may require more than one finger but will still glide super smoothly!

Please note: This is for a standard size aluminium sliding door. Large doors may require more than one finger but will still glide super smoothly!

We are reasonable people but we are also running a business and it takes a lot of time to create your account, schedule your job, allocate the team and to be mobilised to be with you in a timely fashion.

If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled time, we will invoice and charge a $250 fee